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Barca Premium Mini

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Fine dining for small breeds of adult dogs

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Fine dining for small breeds of adult dogs

Barca Premium MINI is a full-fledged dog food made according to a special recipe that is distinguished by its high level, energy value, adapted protein, and amino acid content. Extremely well digestible Barca Premium dog food ensures your dog’s well-being and excellent shape. Suitable for lactating and pregnant females.

The composition does not include any artificial colors and flavors, allergy-inducing products, as well as herbal supplements of plant origin – gluten.

Ingredients: Cereals, chicken (at least 32%), animal proteins, vegetable protein extracts, yeast, oils, fats (soy), vitamins and minerals.


Nutritional value
Natural Proteins 26 %
Natural Fat 15 %
Natural fibers 2 %
Natural ash 8 %
Humidity 6,0 %


Copper 18 mg/kg
Calcium 1,2 mg/kg
Phosphorus 0,9 mg/kg
Iodine 2 mg/kg
Cobalt 2 mg/kg
Iron 300 mg/kg
Zinc 80 mg/kg


A 25000 IE/kg
D3 1000 IE/kg
E 200 mg/k


Energy value
4110 Kcal/kg


Kasdienis maitinimas

Body weight, kg The amount of food, g Expectant, nourishing females, g Sporting dogs, g
2,5 ~30  ~65 ~55
5 ~70  ~105  ~90
10 ~125  ~180  ~155


This daily diet should be given at least twice a day, and keep in mind that the dog should always have fresh water to drink.

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