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About us

UAB „BESTAS“ – Since 2005, we engage in the wholesale and retail trade of animal food. We are official Wielink Diervoeders B.V. representatives in Lithuania.

Wielink Diervoeders B.V. is a company that produces food for dogs, cats, birds, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits. The company was founded after the Second World War in 1945. The entire range of animal food is recognized throughout the Netherlands as a trademark.

Since the company began to produce dry dog food, Barca Premium, Wielink has partnered with many customers throughout the Netherlands, Europe and around the world, such as Belgium, Italy, England, Germany and others. Dog food produced by Wielink Diervoeders is recognized in many countries in Europe and around the world, and is a favorite of all breeds of dogs. The dry food contains only the highest quality ingredients that improve digestion because a higher proportion of nutrients is absorbed by the dog’s body. The dog gets the energy he needs because the food is well digestible, the dog’s faeces are minimal. The food is granulated. Each granule is a small, simple ball containing the required amount of natural materials. The company has achieved the goal of drying dog food from Barca Premium – Wielink from exclusively natural materials, without any artificial coloring and flavoring. Therefore, the producers of Barca Premium – Wielank Dry Dog Food ensures a pleasant, high quality, always fresh dry dog food.