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O’NELLI Tree Chips Litter – 7,5 kg (12 l)

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This is a high-quality litter for cats.

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This is a high-quality litter for cats. It is made from pressed wood chips, so the odors and moisture are kept inside the fiber and thus perfectly absorbs the unpleasant smell. Pellets do not scratch fur and leather. This litter is also good for rabbits, guinea pigs, and hams.

O’Nell’s litter has a high absorption rate, making it very economical to use. Remove the absorbed pellets on a regular basis and you will not need to clean the crumb box so often. After use, litter can be thrown with organic rubbish. In addition, it is organic litter, it is suitable for composting.

Material: Compressed wood shavings.


Fill the crumb in a box with a 3-5 cm thick layer.
Shake the box regularly and add granules if necessary.
To keep
Hygienic change at least once a week.


Degree of absorption: 350%;
Density: 550-650 g / l;
pH: 7 +/- 1.0
Pellet size: 0.6-10 mm,> 10 mm max. 5%, <0.6 mm max. 1%.

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