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Wielink Actief Croc

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Meals for medium and large breeds for adult dogs

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Meals for medium and large breeds for adult dogs

Food is made according to a special formula consisting of high quality ingredients. Extremely high energy value, with adaptive proteins and amino acids, perfect for dogs with puppies, sports dogs and dogs that recover after surgery or illnesses. This food is easy to digest and provides a small amount of dry faeces. The composition does not include any artificial colors and flavors.

Ingredients: beef and pork (at least 35%), cereals, animal proteins, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, yeast, vitamins and minerals.



Nutritional value
Natural Proteins 30 %
Natural Fat 20 %
Natural fibers 3 %
Natural ash 7 %
Humidity 7 %


Copper 5 mg/kg
Calcium 5,5 mg/kg
Phosphorus 10 mg/kg
Sodium 3 mg/kg


A 20000 IE/kg
D3 2000 IE/kg
E 75 mg/k


Energy value
2130 Kj/100 g


Daily meal

Body weight (kg.) Adult dogs (g.)
5 ~120
10 ~200
20 ~380
30 ~550
40 ~700
50 ~950


This daily diet should be given at least twice a day, and keep in mind that the dog should always have fresh drink water.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 15 × 36 × 60 cm


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